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That's my job," says Casey, a year-old construction worker by day and stripper for the past five years. Women can be aggressive, "sometimes the girls get mad and pick a fight. One woman chased me out of the bar and yelled at me on the street.

Right now, the bar's empty, and Casey, Hunter and Dimitrius are hydrating themselves for the night's festivities, which typically involve dancing around in costumes -- firemen and cops are the most popular -- dry-humping the odd bride-to-be, perhaps some tea-bagging industry speak for dipping their crotches over women's faces in 69 position and certainly lots of MC-encouraged, two-way groping, since audience participation is a prerequisite of any Ladies Night.

These guys might go home with a phone number, some scratches and even bites. Worst case scenario, a Big dick male stripper ego since women have been known to boo, throw ice or, the ultimate insult, walk right out the door mid-show.

Tonight, these guys are thinking outside the box. Casey's wearing his French waiter get-up, Dimitrius is wearing an authentic French Foreign Legion uniform he picked up at a local surplus military store and Hunter is playing Don Juan.

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How do they avoid showing up with the same outfit? I don't know if he's joking, but according to their manager Mark Aylott of Stripper Entertainment which Big dick male stripper the largest supply of male strippers in Western Canada and supplies men to almost every Ladies Night, stagette or birthday surprise party in town"Penis size isn't that important. Really big ones are only good for novelty. We had one guy who was half penis. He jumped around for awhile and then brought his third leg out.

Half the crowd ran for the door. Anyway, most dancers tie off with a cock ring because blood goes elsewhere when you're dancing, like coming out of a shower, which isn't good.

Aylott, a former stripper himself, gets about six applications from would-be male strippers per month.

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He looks for a toned body and good dance moves, first and foremost, but will help recruits with choreography and costumes. If they pass the basics, Aylott "throws them to the lions" at one of the city's many Ladies Nights. Seventy-five percent can't hack it, Big dick male stripper Stripper Entertainment is always hiring. These guys are a rare breed and don't seem nervous. Other strippers I've met admit it can be nerve-racking going in front of women chanting 'Penis!

The men say standing at attention in such an environment can be a challenge. I feel like a piece of meat, but it's part of the job. He got into stripping after dropping out of the University of Victoria's engineering program. Of course you have to Big dick male stripper. I spend a lot of money on costumes, props, promotions. I work out every day. Male strippers also have to maintain professionalism in the face of drunk, horny women.

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Sometimes it's the bride-to-be but most cases it's an invited guest, sometimes the mother-in-law. I'm not a cocky person. I was a geek in school so positive comments are a shock. It does nothing to my ego.

Twenty five-year-old California Kid, another top-requested stripper and part-time actor who does "Vegas-style" shows and even lights himself on fire, Big dick male stripper, "I got a lot of propositions for sex and whatnot in my younger days and I fell for that.

But now I'm married and recognize the look in their eyes. Girls are worse than men, more piggish. They think they can grab you and get anything from you.

I just think, 'I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot poll. Casey shrugs his shoulders when I mention all of this. He's already laid his hands on about half the women perched on their barstools around Au Bar's stage, recently elevated just for Ladies Night.

While women stripper clubs have strict no touching policies and the mood is typically like the waiting room of some hot sexy dentist, Ladies Nights tend towards interactive burlesque with the women as much prop as patron.

Casey doesn't actually take it all off, but, instead, Big dick male stripper us the odd peak, also known as 'the meat puppet show.

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Male bodies are functional. I'm thinking, 'Just put it away.

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