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For those of you who have worked with me since the launch of BPO Elite, you know how much I talkabout how important building our brand is.

All those years with Wells Fargo taught me a lot about the power of branding. If a restaurant serves Pepsi, I often just have water instead of my beloved Coke.

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I seriously plan on only ever buying Hondas. I am a marketers dream come true, I am extremely brand loyal.

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Now my goal is to make BPO Elite the brand the call center industry turns to when they need a trusted source of analytics solutions. I saw him give a keynote speech recently on the power of branding and how great brands enchant their customers.

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This is my dream for BPO Elite, to be thought of as a company who enchants customers. I love all the new ways to spread a brand that are now available and can give a company like mine the presence that not too long ago was only for the Fortune And I use them all to share our story, to enchant you with our service and Got %e2%80%98hot %e2%80%99 somebody not you convince you to be brand loyal to us.

But there is one I have not used yet, and surprisingly its one of the pioneers of allowing new small business to compete with the big boys. So stay tuned to see how we position the BPO Elite brand next. It has become a daily occurance for me to come across articles like the one about the tout the amazing level of opportunity here in the Philippines.

For every risk or concern, there are a dozen reasons to be bullish about the near future and long term future here. To see a government and a people trying to revitalze and reinvent their entire publie education system to address real world needs is amazing.

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Combine that with the amount of hot money being infused by oursourcing and remittances and then add that to the dempographics and you get a perfect storm Got %e2%80%98hot %e2%80%99 somebody not you economic development that I see every single day here.

As for KPO, its a need growing in leaps and bounds. SO many companies are trying so hard to get their hands around the Big Data they have in their databases and there are so few people who have the analytic skills and preperation to make use of it.

So it's no surprise that...

There are countless sources that predict the rise of China and India and thier inevitable passing of the U. However, there are few as entertaining and fascinating as this one. For history nuts like myself who also geek out on statistics, this is pretty amazing stuff.

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First training will be May 30th and 31st in Pasay. If interested send your CV at rachelle.

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Every morning as I head to work the signs of new construction are everywhere. Every day as I read the headlines I come across another article touting another company looking to the Philippines as an outsourcing or investment option.

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Every night I see how alive the city of Manila is with a youthful exuberance. When I talk to people across a variety of industries and professions there is a buzz here that is undeniable. I can attest first hand to the sentiment in this and so many other articles that the future of the Philippines is bright and the time to invest is now.

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