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Killin that ass

Gay Sexy Photo Killin that ass.

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Killin that ass

You can sign up to be a site supporter here. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: HSep 7, Nov 20, Oddometer: Hiding off Hwy 6, B.

Yup, Da Baddest Bicth is...

Jan 27, Oddometer: Aug 2, Oddometer: May 6, Oddometer: Rode it for a couple years good "grocery getter" Sold it for a grand. Sep 28, Oddometer: May 13, Oddometer: Feb 6, Oddometer: Perfect place to post.

I had wanted a Honda Dream as long as I could remember, they're just so classy and attractive to me. I'd never ridden one but finding them with titles in Nebraska is tough.

I know where a dozen are without titles, though.

Through business networks I found this Dream CA72 cc that had been sitting under a tarp for most of my life. I checked it out, despite some minor blemishes, the wiring looked intact, the engine turned over and it was in reasonable shape with a clean title! Seat ripped, exhausts totally rusted out, rear fender broken on both sides only hanging on by the top seam, hole in the right side engine case that someone screwed a weird "cap" onto?

It had less than 90psi compression in one cylinder so it got a new top Killin that ass job.

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I fire it up for the first time and it won't shift out of second gear. Clutch adjustment, check the clutch basket and they aren't stuck.

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One of my shift ears was broken. Had to pay a salvage Honda expert for a new Killin that ass of shafts and dogs to replace the transmission. I did keep the original parts I rode it for a few hundred miles and absolutely hated it.

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