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CBS had been looking to add a twist to the classic character played by Tom Selleck in the original series, which had been conceived as diverse in the reboot, with the network setting out to find a non-white actor for the role.

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The reboot follows Thomas Magnum Hernandeza decorated ex-Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator. Landing Hernandez is a get for CBS as casting the role was challenging because the series is slated to Jay hernandez naked in Hawaii. He Jay hernandez naked recurred on the ABC series Scandal. It's no big deal, but to be around Mexicans and Latins, it's a little bit closer to family, more camaraderie. It's a different feeling, and it was cool to see that, and to realize that there actually is a part of Hollywood that is Latin" - referring to the set of American Family There were no Latin roles, and that's the only thing that they'll see you as unless you can convince them otherwise.

I guess this Magnum will spend his time protecting dreamers, and confronting rich white landlords.

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If he doesn't have a mustache, wear Hawaiian shirts with very short khaki shorts, and drive a red Ferrari Might as well call Jay hernandez naked Melendez P. How is this going to work?

It'll be interesting to see if this will be successful in the ratings.

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Some reboots work and some don't. As a fan of the original I'm willing to give it a try just to see what it's like. But of course nothing can compare to the original. But who knows, I might end up actually liking it. Yeah, this is going to fail. The people that would even look at a Magum reboot on CBS are old white guys and some of their wives.

They picked an Jay hernandez naked latino twink. They might pick up a few gay guys but their main audience will just stick with the white dudes on all the NCIS shows and Hawaii They're going to make Higgins a black guy and the black character that flew the helicopter in the original a blonde woman. Despite r19's tantrum, what would be so terrible with that idea.

Recasting purely for the sake of "diversity" is patronizing, plus Jay hernandez naked is little to no way he will ever satisfy people who watched the original. Yeah, I'm not a fan of reboots that change ethnicities.

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It's contrived and pandering to me. Why not just add new ethnic characters? They are not making Higgins black. Higgins will now be Juliet Higgins, a disavowed former MI: British actress Perdita Weeks. Why can't these hot shot young Hollywood writers come up with something new, instead of ripping off the oldies. Sine they're changing the principals--hero is now latino, the former black guy Jay hernandez naked now a woman, etc.

Why not just start afresh? Was there something in the original Magnum that the network felt they had to preserve? Because I remember those old shows, and the only reason people watched them was because of Tom Selleck's hotness. There was nothing else Jay hernandez naked in it, unless it was Higgins' clipped accent and starchy behavior.

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Does the network think there's something magical in the Magnum title? If this new Jay hernandez naked is a hit, it will be because it's new, not because it pretends to hark back something in the past. According to Magnum, Rick is well connected — if you want something on the island, Rick is the man to see. In the original series, the role was played by Larry Manetti. The only reason the original Magnum P. Nobody watched that show for the great writing or acting.


I can't see magic happening twice with the new guy. The article R50 quotes is incorrect. Just a little something for your edification.

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Jay had his day with the Hostel movie, but that was along time ago. How tall is Jay? My grandfather watched Magnum and the like.

All the manly men watched Magnum. It gave them something to watch after Mannix and Columbo were cancelled. Why don't they cast Tom Cruise as Magnum?

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